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10 Reasons to do Cardio
Of all the options for training you have in the gym; cardio can be the most ‘Marmite’. Whether you love it or hate it, the benefits of incorporating some cardio workouts into your schedule are indisputable…   It’s great for your heart health. Your cardiovascular system pumps blood containing oxygen, nutrients and waste products around […]
GYMTIMIDATION – How to overcome gym anxiety!
In a recent survey up to 50% of respondents revealed that they suffer from gymtimidation – the fear of being judged by others whilst in the gym. It’s not just the gym either – runners report that they feel very ‘critiqued’ whilst pounding the pavements – most women will have some experience of wolf-whistling wasters […]
Training with Depression: how to keep motivated
We all have our down days, when nothing seems to be going our way and it feels like the world is conspiring to irritate the life out of us. We either hunker down and get on with it, or we take a duvet day ‘for our mental health’. Depression – real, clinical depression, is nothing […]
Pregnancy and exercise
A pregnant woman undergoes various changes in her body which can be subtle or obvious and these changes can have a profound effect on how she moves. These changes help assist the development of the growing foetus, and prepare the mother’s body for childbirth. Exercise, therefore, should take into account such transitions, helping prepare the […]

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